Need A Quote

The information below is useful for an approximate quote over the phone?

• Be able to describe the furniture (sofa, lounge chair, bench, dining chair, etc.)
• Indicate the number of seat and back cushions
• Be able to describe the style, if you know it. (Contemporary, traditional, etc.)
• Be able to describe the general condition of the piece:
• Does it only need new fabric?
• Does it need new padding or cushions?
• Is the frame loose and/or the springs are falling out?
• Is there any wood on the furniture? Will it need refinishing?
• Be able to indicate the type of fabric you will need.
• Indicate if you want to provide your own fabric.

Each piece of furniture must be looked at individually to determine the exact amount of yardage which will be required for reupholstery. The following is meant as a general guide for the amount of PLAIN fabric which is required for different types of furniture.

• 7 foot Sofa with 3 seat and 3 back cushions: 16 to 18 yards
• 5 foot Loveseat with 2 seat and back cushions: 13 to 15 yards
• Lounge Chair with loose seat and back cushion: 7 to 8 yards
• Ottoman with skirt and attached cushion top: 3 to 4 yards
• Wing Chair (no skirt): 6.5 to 7 yards
• Queen Anne settee (no skirt): 8 to 10 yards
• Dining Room Chair Seat (removable): 2/3 yards for 2 seat covers
• Dining Room Chair Seats, Boxed with Welting: 1 yard each